Highbench Bock

Highbench “Bock” can be used to lean on while standing as well as a bench for hightables and counters. It also serves as an independent furniture on events and aperitifs to lean on while remaining on eye hight with the dialog partner – also clothes and drinks can be placed on it.

“Bock” is available as a one, two, three and four seater in aok and spruce wood.
The spruce model is suitable for oudoors just as for locations where it will be moved frequently as its weight is low.


photography: Carolin Zeyher, Peter Margis

one seater

58 x 75 x 41 cm

two seater

120 x 75 x 41 cm

three seater

180 x 75 x 41 cm

four seater

240 x 75 x 41 cm

Highbench Bock with Hightable El Caballito

High bench Bock at System 180 | Berlin

Bock at Ideenwerkstatt/Haworth | Munich