Light, natural, hand-crafted, and elegant –

these are elements you’ll find in the collection of Berlin designer Frau Caze.
As a product designer Carolin Zeyher works in the field of furniture, interior and sustainable design. She designs spaces, events, furniture and kitchenware, combining her whimsical, naturalist aesthetic with practical, functional designs. Drawing inspiration from everyday life and her love of nature, Carolin loves nothing more than creating meaningful pieces that tell a story and bring people together. Through the use of high-quality materials, her design reflects sustainable craftsmanship evoking elements of serenity and simplicity reminiscent of the landscapes of South America, the Alps, and traditional woodworking culture and architecture from Austria.


What can I do for you

Individual furnishing consultancy, project planning und realisation of interior design concepts, room settings and small events

Project planning and realisation of furniture, built-in furniture, renovation

Colour consultancy

Purchasing consultancy for furniture, lighting and accessoires

Arrangement of furnishing

Communication in German, English, Italian, Spanish and Portugese