Although Berlin has been her home for many years, Carolin – the designer behind Frau Caze, with “Caze” being a fusion of her first and last name – has never been one to stand still. She has travelled the world relentlessly in search of inspiration for her work. These travels have greatly influenced her unique sense of atmosphere and texture, as well as her concern for our planet – Frau Caze places a great emphasis on sustainability, quality and functionality.
Currently Carolin splits her time between Berlin and Lake Constance, and has devoted herself to furniture and interior design ever since studying design at the FH Potsdam and the Escola Superior de Desenho Industrial in Rio de Janeiro until 2012. Founding Frau Caze in 2016, her work pays tribute to her love of natural, high-quality materials as well as sustainable, responsible craftsmanship – including ethical treatment of all people involved in production.

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born in Friedrichshafen


Apprenticeship as Architectural Draftsman at Dilpert Architects, Markdorf


Language study and personal year abroad in Italy


Internship, Photo Assistant, Fotostudio Lauterwasser, Überlingen


Language study and personal stay abroad in South America


Full-time Student for Product Design at University of Applied Science, Potsdam


Study-Abroad Semester, Escola Superior de Desenho Industrial, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Part-time Employment, filumen | interior lighting, Potsdam


Internship for Carpentry at artis | interior solutions, Berlin


Internship, Studio Gruba | reHechos, Buenos Aires, Argentina

since 2012

self-employed Designer | Product & Interior


Co-Founder & Co-Manager | ‚Sustainable Profits‘ Conference, Berlin


Carpentry Mohr

Winery Aufricht

Lyk Carpet


Cristopher Santos | Photography

Matthias Honert | Communication Design

Judith Schwyter | Journalism & Design

Caitlin Madrigal | copywriter + content strategist

Saron Brandao | video editing

13rugs by rohi

UNIQUE FACTORY upholstery manufacturer

Schoemig Porzellan

8punkt8 | wood and steel work

Corinna Smyth | ceramics