the bread crock

The body is made of porcelain, its turned lid is made of ash wood. The inside of the pot is glazed up to the level of the two opposing air holes, ensuring easy cleaning. The hole in the lid is used for ventilation and opening of the pot in equal measure. The lid has insertion joints on both sides so that it can be turned over if necessary – because wood is a living material! The flat lid is also a convenient cutting board and a charming storage surface.

As a special edition, the bread crock is also available with a hand thrown ceramic lid.


made in Germany

crock & ceramic lid are dishwashersafe

Porcelain is made from natural raw materials and does not always behave in the same way. Slight variations in firing temperatures may result in slight variations in colors, textures, and size differences, even if the products are glazed and fired at the same time.


photography: Cristopher Santos
ceramic lid: Tanja Neubert Ceramics


diameter 29,5cm, hight 15cm

plus shipping

with hand thrown ceramic lid