Seat Cushion

Cover from strong upholstry fabric with new wool, filled with 4cm foam. Qualitative seating comfort for long working hours as well as leasure time needs.

Range of colors and sizes available. (max 42 x 42cm)


from 75,00€ excl. VAT / 89,00€ incl. VAT plus shipping
minimum order quantity 8 pieces

Individual cushions made from fabric remnant on request

Tribüne mit Sitzkissen von Frau Caze in design-thinking Workshop Space
Sitz Kissen für Workshop und Präsentations Tribüne. Chair pillows for workshop and presentation tribune
Sitzkissen von Frau Caze, Schaumstoff

The bicolored Frau Caze seat cushion is always offering the option of changing your colour setting between homogeneous and lively.

seat cushions with two big triangles for the tribune of a radio sation

seat cushions for camper bench